Need a Screen Door That My Dog Can’t Destroy.

Help! I Need a Screen Door That My Dog Can’t Destroy!

 Feisty pets destroy screen doors easily! There’s nothing more frustrating than finding that your screen door has been pushed in or torn and is useless against bugs and mosquitoes or protecting your pet from escaping. Don’t rely on flimsy screen doors or flywire! Security doors and screens are a much more durable and reliable option for pet-loving households.

Traditional fly screen doors are simply no match for enthusiastic paws and claws. Cats love to claw fly screen and dogs will paw and the screen or push against it until it tears or warps. Flyscreen is generally made from fiberglass or coated polyester and is designed to keep flies and insects out, but definitely isn’t a strong or durable option. If you have a pet in your household fly screen doors and windows are unlikely to offer much in the way of practicality or protection. If you’re sick of replacing your fly screen every time your pet destroys it, here’s why security doors are a much better choice for pet owners:

A security door will keep you and your household safe, including your furry family members

Current statistics show that around one in five Australian homes will get broken into at some point and that in approximately 30% of burglaries the intruder enters the property through the front door. Security doors are effective at deterring thieves and can also protect your household but allowing you to answer your front door without allowing your visitor access to your home, or allowing your pet to make a swift, stealthy escape while the door is open.

Australian Standards approved screens

Always ensure that your chosen security door complies with Australian Standards regulations. All Jim’s Security Doors security doors and screens have passed or exceeded the Australian Standards tests to prove the doors can remain secure against a range of thorough forced entry attempts. It’s also recommended that you engage a skilled expert to install your door because an incorrectly installed door may not be able to function as it has been designed to do and maybe vulnerable to a forced entry attempt. Jim’s Security Doors offers licensed professional installation, phone 13 15 46 for more information.

Yes, you can install a pet door in a security door

A pet door can be installed in a security door, however, it can compromise the level of protection that the door offers, so the decision should be given careful consideration before proceeding with the installation. Depending on the size of the pet door, an intruder can potentially gain access to your home through the pet door, so it’s important to consider whether you’re willing to compromise a degree of protection for the sake of convenience for your pet. If your pet door is small the risk may be negligible, but if your pet is large it may be worth considering if there is a more discreet location for the pet door to be installed.

A security door will suit your home and budget!

Gone are the days when security doors were only available in a few limited designs, nowadays there is a huge range of styles, and color choices can be customized to ensure that your door perfectly suits your home. A security door can add curb appeal to your home by enhancing the overall look of your home. Do you have an older-style home? Jim’s Security Doors has an extensive range of ornate heritage cast aluminum grilles that provide a more decorative, vintage look for your door without compromising on security features. If you’re looking for an economical option, the classic Diamond Grille security doors are a great reliable choice.

 For more information about Jim’s Security Doors Melbourne. Or for expert advice on security doors to suit your home and your furry family members, please contact our friendly and experienced sales team on 13 15 46

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