Top 3 Prescription Glasses meant for comfort and sports


The rapid growth of the athletics and sports industry has fueled the demand for sports eyeglasses as the market is ready for massive market digitization. With sports comes fashion and entertainment too and such incorporation is driving the new eyeglass market with breathtaking innovation and design taking many consumers by surprise.

Top 3 Prescription Glasses meant for comfort and sports


Why do you need prescription glasses?

Have you ever come across the term “Refractive Fault”? If not, then let’s find out.

The term Refractive Fault or Error is widely used in the eye-care industry. The term is regularly used by eye doctors or optometrists or eye experts. Refractive Fault is defined as the anomaly in the eyes, which alters the eye’s capability to focus light onto its retina.

Refraction in physics is defined by the bending of light or energy waves as it passes from one transparent medium (air, water, glass, ice sheet, or gas) into another in varying velocities depending on the density of the medium.

The same concept occurs in your eyes that produce a vision. Eyes have a lens too and being a medium, they have the ability to bend light rays to process any visual stimuli, which specifies the right distance and clarity. The refraction in the eyes and its measurement helps to determine the power of the eyeglass or contact lenses.

In the case of refractive error or fault, the lens of the eyes faces glitch to produce the right visual stimuli. For that, you need prescription eyeglasses as prescribed by an authentic optometrist.

Reasons for wearing prescription eyeglasses

There are 5 cases of anomalies of eyes, which require prescription eyeglasses to correct the issues.

  1. Myopia: It is an eye condition where close or nearer objects appear clearly and distinctly but objects far away will appear blurry and unclear. It is also called Short-Sightedness.
  2. Hypermetropia:  Also known as Hyperopia or Long-Sightedness, this anomaly will allow you to see distant objects clearly but not with the closer objects.
  3. Esotropia: In this anomaly case, the vision of two eyes crosses each other, thereby projecting an extremely blurry vision of objects. The condition appears mostly among Hypermetropia patients.
  4. Astigmatism: In this condition, the cornea of the eyes turns oval instead of the natural round shape, which leads to blurry vision.
  5. Anisometropia: This is another condition of the eyes that requires wearing prescription eyeglasses. This condition arises due to different lens conditions of the two eyes, causing deprived or cross vision.

When you should wear prescription glasses?

It is crucial to always listen to what the expert or doctor suggested. You should also take care of your prescription eyeglasses properly as some are prone to physical damage. Low-quality prescription eyeglasses may not survive a potential impact or crash.

If you are a regular sportsperson, then you should buy branded prescription glasses for superior comfort, focus, High-Definition optics, and grip.

You may wear prescription glasses all the time; however, it is recommended to not wear them during sleep or doing activities that don’t require them.

IT professionals and Computer/Gadget geeks are recommended to wear them regularly for productive output. And if you are an avid reader, prescription eyeglasses are always advised while reading books or performing in sports or athleisure activities.

Top 3 trending prescription glasses for sporting activities

Sl. No. Product Frame Material Frame Shape Lens Material Lens Shape Rating
1 OAKLEY FLAK 2.0 XL (Men) Plastic Wraparound Plastic Prism Black 4.5/5
2 Arise Collective Louren C5 95222 (Women) Acetate Cat Eye Plastic Army Green 4/5
3 Gucci GG0516S 002 Acetate Rectangle Nylon Silver Flash 5/5


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