I Want a Security Door to Match My Older Style Home

I Want a Security Door to Match My Older Style Home

Do you love the period features that you see in older style homes? Would you like to have some of these details as part of your new home? Or do you have a period home and want to ensure that you remain true to the style with any additions that you make to your home? When it comes to security doors, there’s no need to sacrifice style for function. Jim’s Security Doors has a huge range of heritage style security doors that will perfectly suit your home and aesthetic preferences.

If you live in older style home, you are probably passionate about retaining its distinct personality and detailed features. It’s important that any new features added to your home suit the existing style, whether your home has been built in the Colonial style, Edwardian, Victorian, Federation or Californian Bungalow style. Sleek, modern-look features can have a clashing effect with the old-world charm of your home. However, the good news is that with a security door you can retain the look and feel of your home while also improving your level of protection again burglaries and break-ins.


What heritage-style security doors do you offer?

Don’t allow your home to be vulnerable to thieves and prowlers, it’s possible to have a heritage style security door that will match your home! Replicate the ornate look of traditional flywire doors with security doors featuring an old-world look, but a modern security design, ensuring your household is protected without compromising the look of your property. Jim’s Security Doors has an extensive range of ornate heritage cast aluminium grilles which will boost the kerb appeal of your home while also drastically improving your home security. These premium quality security doors are custom made to perfectly suit your home, are available in a variety of colour options and can be fitted with one-way privacy mesh for enhanced protection.

Do heritage-style security doors still offer great protection against burglaries?

If you’re purchasing security doors in Melbourne it’s important to choose one that has been manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards regulations. All Jim’s Security Doors products, including the cast aluminium heritage-style security doors, have been subjected to a series of rigorous tests to ensure their strength and structural integrity. These tests simulate the different ways that intruders are able to force access to a property, including using tools as well as brute force. The tests conducted on security doors and window screens include:

  • The dynamic impact test was conducted to simulate an intruder kicking the door or screen.
  • The knife shear test was conducted to test material stability and tensile strength; this test simulates an intruder using a knife to slash the screen.
  • The salt spray test was conducted to assess how the door will perform against sustained corrosive elements over time.
  • The lock and hinge lever test was conducted to assess how the door will perform against a simulated attack with an intruder using a screwdriver to lever the door open.

Can I customise the colour of my door to match my home?

Yes, absolutely. Jim’s Security Doors offers a range of colour options to suit older style homes so that you can highlight the history of your residence and retaining its character and charm. Your security doors or windows can be powder coated in the colour of your choice to ensure that they are able to perfectly match the rest of your home. Powder coating provides a higher quality and more durable finish than traditional painting methods and is also a more environmentally friendly option than painting. Choosing paint colours for your home can be very intimidating, but as a guide, professional paint colour consultants generally suggest matching the colour of your security door with your front door or matching the trim colour that has been used on the window and door frames.

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