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How to Install Tomtom Maps

MyDrive Connect-TomTom navigational device has a Global Positioning System(GPS) hardware and software that is used to gather information regarding roads, highways, and streets in your country. Once the GPS device determines your current location, it pinpoints where you want to go and the best way to get there. Maps are downloaded onto your computer and then transferred to your TomTom while the device is linked to your computer. Proper set up of your computer system and Internet connection is needed to download maps properly. Follow these steps to install TomTom maps.


Step1: Verify that you have the latest version of TomTom HOME on your computer.

A download of the newest version is available on the TomTom website for Windows and for Mac users.

  • Download the latest version using a high-speed Internet connection. Using a dial-up connection will take more than an hour.

Step2: Connect the device to your computer. 

MyDrive Connect-This can be done using the USB cable that came with your navigational system. Shut off the TomTom prior to connecting it to your computer.

Step3: Back up your TomTom.

To back up your TomTom, select restore/backup from your computer. Complete the back up of your device prior to initiating any download. It will save you time if something goes wrong with your device while you are downloading maps. By backing up your device, you are preserving the map information that was on your device.

Step4: Determine your device’s storage capacity. 

It is impossible to install a map that is larger than the storage capacity for your device. Different models of TomTom devices may have different storage capacities.

Step5: Check the TomTom website for file size and modem speed compatibility.

  • Verify that the size of the map you want to download is smaller than your device’s storage capacity.
  • Compare your modem speed with the size of the map you wish to download prior to initiating the download. There are some downloads that shouldn’t be attempted with slower speed modems or connections.
  • Consider an alternate download site if your original site can’t sustain a continuous connection or isn’t fast enough.

Step6: Disable or change your firewall and security settings.

TomTom HOME will need complete access to your computer system. Firewall and security settings can prevent maps from being downloaded correctly.

Step7: Transfer the maps from your computer onto your navigational device.

Step8: Enable your firewall and security settings.

Note: MyDrive ConnectCreate a direct high-speed connection from the Internet to your computer without using a wireless connection. A wireless connection can fade in and out, which may compromise the download. A direct high-speed connection occurs by using a high-speed Internet cable that is connected from your modem to your computer.

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